A Look at Keynote Speaker Dr. Dianne Saxe

Grey to Green Toronto is a wonderful opportunity to rub elbows with industry movers and shakers, people with influence in policy and politics, students pushing the industry forward, suppliers making the green roof and wall industry possible, and professionals working in the field. The two day conference expanded this year to reach 3 cities—Toronto, Minneapolis, and Washington D.C.—provides boundary pushing access to inform the current landscape for green infrastructure development.


A major component of what makes Grey to Green such a wonderful experience to attend are the keynote speakers that provide seasoned knowledge and years of insight. We are proud to have a diverse group of keynote speakers to bring a variety of perspectives and years of industry perspective to Grey to Green guests.

One such keynote speaker is Dr. Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario and respected environmental lawyer, with over 40 years of unparalleled experience in environmental litigation as well as protecting Ontario’s energy and environmental laws.  Aptly referred to as Ontario’s “environmental watchdog”, Dr. Saxe has a long record of putting the province first and writing several reports on the government’s compliance with the ECO. In a recent report on environmental protection named Back to Basics, Dr. Saxe wrote, “what used to be “normal” weather is gone, and cannot come back. Extreme events, e.g., heat waves, drought and storms, are affecting people across the province. Warmer, wilder, unpredictable weather is damaging tourism, agriculture and infrastructure.”

With years of experience as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Saxe is sure to provide a unique perspective on the state of Ontario politics in respect to the environment, as well as touch on best practices to better adapt to pressing issues that affect urban cities. Interested in hearing Dr. Saxe speak? Register now and attend her morning keynote on April 4th!