Discover the Future of Urban Agriculture at Grey to Green 2018

Grey to Green is an annual conference held in Toronto, that explores the latest advances in green infrastructure and encourages cities to become more productive urban spaces. The premise of the event is to discuss how our cities can incorporate green infrastructure to produce clean oxygen, filter toxins from the air, manage stormwater, provide habitat and produce food for their ever-increasing number of inhabitants.

Grey to Green 2018 features a wide variety of urban agriculture focused content that will highlight multiple perspectives and showcase new ideas that are shaping the industry.

Image Credit: Ripple Farms

Image Credit: Ripple Farms

The intersection between urban agriculture and tech shows great promise in solving the challenges of the 21st century. If the average age of a farmer is 58, and with more people than ever wanting to live in cities, who will grow our food? With his conference presentation, Henry Gordon - Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Agritecture, will invite you into the world of rooftop greenhouses, vertical farms, and container farms and answer why they urgently need to become part of our urban fabric. Steven Bourne and Brandon Harbour from Toronto's newest aquaponics startup, Ripple Farms, will also offer their perspective on the future of urban agriculture in Toronto and explore the business case for rooftop aquaponic systems.

Rav Singh and Sophia Dungan from Ecosource will discuss why urban agriculture and food production is central to the creation of healthy and resilient communities that balance urban expansion with environmental conservation. In addition, Adam Watson from City of Hamilton Neighborhood Action Strategy Program will reveal the connection between urban agriculture, community and improving food security in High Priority Neighborhoods

Incorporating rooftop farms into the urban environment is becoming more popular across institutions for both education and wellness uses. David Bell from BELL Architects will talk about the University of District of Columbia's Green Roof Project and how this has spurred new community programs, research opportunities while managing stormwater and producing food. The Boston Medical Center's rooftop farm produces 5,200lbs of organic food for patients and staff and creates a precedent for impactful green infrastructure. Brendan Shea from ReCover Greenroofs talks about how the rooftop garden marries environmental and social benefits for its community through job creation, patient wellness, employee wellness, and innovative health education programs such as the Preventative Food Pantry and Demonstration Kitchen.


If hearing from expert speakers makes you want to get outside and get your hands dirty, Grey to Green offers just the thing! The Introduction to Rooftop Urban Agriculture course on May 15th will teach you the everything you need to know about starting a rooftop farm, from the different approaches to growing food on rooftops to strategies for overcoming common challenges. Join the Urban Agriculture Walking Tour on May 15th and explore some urban agriculture projects in downtown Toronto. For more information visit Save $50 when you register before April 30th!