What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure consists of both natural systems such as forests and wetlands, as well as vegetative technologies like green roofs and green walls, and the products designed to support growth such as engineered soils, cisterns and irrigation systems.

Green infrastructure technologies also include bioswales, meadows, engineered wetlands, planting beds, turf and permeable pavements. All of these living green infrastructure elements create a system in your community that greatly support quality of life.

What is Green Infrastructure Week?

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We are excited to announce that we will be celebrating the many benefits of green infrastructure during Green Infrastructure Week across Ontario from May 13-19th, 2018 with the Grey to Green Conference at its core. Green Infrastructure Week aims to open doors for the community to experience Ontario's expansive green infrastructure first hand through multiple, engaging events across the city and beyond. Whether your interests fall within living architecture, urban forestry, parks or urban agriculture, we will collectively provide and event or activity to attract a diverse community presence.

Getting Involved in Green Infrastructure Week


Event Partner

We are seeking guided tours, activities, workshops, tree plantings, and any fun, engaging event that can help teach the general public about the importance of green infrastructure in our cities. The event partnerships will act as a mutually beneficial marketing and promotional tool to increase community presence at Green Infrastructure Week event.

Please fill out our event application with all information and we will be in touch shortly. 



Green Infrastructure presents three levels of marketing opprtunities. Choose from Pine, Birch, and Walnut to become a supporting partner for the growth and education of green infrastructure in our cities. By supporting Green Infrastructure Week, not only will be be able to educate the public about the importance of various forms of green infrastructure, but ensure that the development green infrastructure policy continues to expand.


Association Partner

Become an association or media partner by helping to promote Green Infrastructure Week across various networks. Partnerships are based on a mutually beneficial marketing plan negotiated on an individual basis. If you're intersted, please contact Chrystal Henning for more information. 




For Green Infrastructure Week Opportunities:
Emma Tamlin
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
T: (416) 971-4494 x 221
E: etamlin@greenroofs.org

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